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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  March 17, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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in the headlines, japanese officials make the decision to suspend one of the most drastic measures to prevent a meltdown after radiation levels spiked again at a crippled nuclear power plant. >> and scientists offer new projections radiation could arrive on the coast by friday. they say the level will not be high enough to cause health approximate. -- health problems.
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>> reporter: perjury case against barry bonds is expected to begin today. story coming up in a live report. >> here is a look at embarcadero. it is much colder. big story will be looking ahead. strong storms tomorrow. the cold rain for the weekend. i'll have an update. >> good morning, we have a new crash slowing the commute on westbound 580 through livermore. we'll have details coming up. >> good thursday morning. thank you so much for joining us on this chilly start of the day. i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze. >> japanese officials say they have finished a new power line that could restore cooling systems and ease the crisis at the crippled nuclear complex. for a while military helicopters dumped loads of sea water to try to cool the you a rain yum fuel but that that has now been suspended because of a spike in
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radiation levels. meanwhile, there are reports of increasing tension between the u.s. and japan over how the reactor crisis is being handled. the state department is now sending charter planes to help bring back american citizens who want to leave and advising americans to stay at least 50 miles from the power plant. >> with japan's fukushima daiichi plant crippled on the ground, desperate efforts are coming from the air. helicopters dumping sea water into the holes of the roof hoping to could cool it enough to prevent a nuclear meltdown. they say there is talk of apocalypse and i think that word is well chosen. the procedure was considered too dangerous. they said radiation levels were too high. the u.s. insisted something be done. >> we're reminded that american leadership is critical even though the allies are themselves
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economically advanced and powerful. there are moments where they need our help. >> the state accident now providing aircraft to help americans leave northeast japan and it wants to evacuate americans within 50 miles of the plant. tokyo's airport is packed with people leaving. like a 15-year-old sent by her parents to stay in washington. >> the radiation and they wanted me to come so i'll be safe. >> the chief cabinet secretary says the u.s. government has taken a cautious approach but in the evacuation zone, one man says we are isolated. we are being left here to die. >> a skeleton crew remains at the nuclear plant. one family says the workers are running out of food. she says her father has accepted her fate like a death sentence.
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united nations forecast says the radioactive plume coming from the reactors will hit islands today and be detected in sacramento and los angeles on friday. they stress that the radiation will arrive in levels too small to create any serious health concerns for residents. u.s. announced they are moving dozens more radiation detectors to the west coast. there are 12 in california, one each in san francisco, san jose, richmond and sacramento. you can see the data from those monitors for yourself on the government's radnet website and we have a link at >> just hours from now, potential jurors in the barry bonds federal perjury trial will begin filling out questionnaires ahead of the trial on monday. meantime, the attorneys are fighting over the use of very
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controversial evidence that could color the jurors' perceptions of the home run king. >> reporter: this is the question air that potential jurors will be filling out today. there are basic questions on this form but also very specific questions like, are you a fan of professional baseball? have you ever been to a giants game? another question have you read any cases involving steroid use in athletes? the trial starts on monday. the former giants' slugger faces four counts of lying to a grand jury of using steroids. they say finding potential jurors is going to be difficult. >> one thing that everybody understands is that this trial really is a home game for barry bonds. a lot of the potential jurors are going to be big giants fans and by inference big barry bonds
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fans. >> jury consultants say the prosecution and defense will look at the facebook and twitter pages of potential jurors to see who they like and what they follow. the jurors will be forbidden of checking the internet and prohibited from watching tv and reading newspapers all to prevent them from being influenced in any way. we have the entire jury questionnaire. go to meantime, victor conte the man that started the investigation that led to bonds' prosecution is back in the business of advising athletes. he ran the balco lab when they raided the facility in 2003. they found evidence of several
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performance enhancing drugs and information tying them to several high profile athletes. he was ultimately sentenced to four months in prison and four months home confinement. they say conte is running a legal supplement business. he says he is hoping to help solve the steroid mess. >> a man accused of kidnapping and imprison opening justin duchscherer will be dh jaycee dugard will be back in court today. both have confessed in the case of getting reduced sentences but a lawyer for nancy garrido that she will change the plea because the latest offer would have her serving 180 years in prison. philip garrido is facing 440
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years in prison. >> this morning, san jose police are on the hunt for person that shot and gravely injured a man outside of a mcdonald's. witnesses say the shooter simply walked up to the victim and fired into the back of his head. police have only released a vague description and they don't know the motive for the shooting. the victim is said to be on life support. >> california regulators are threatening to fine pg&e $1 million a day for failing to turn over documents dealing with gas and pipeline safety. the number of documents verifying the condition of underground transmission lines. pg&e so far it's been unable to find the missing documents. regulators say the report filed by pg&e isn't even adequate. the puc wants to make sure the aging pipes are running at safe pressure levels following the san bruno explosion. missing records include details on transmission lines that run
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beneath some of the state's largest cities. >> it's 6:090. no rain this morning. >> still for commuters, it's a lucky thing for their commute. >> mike, how about the forecast. >> we're seeing gray but staying to the north of us. radar returns from mendocino all the way up to seattle. we are looking at small area of energy that could create, some showers as far as south as the north bay. you can see even some thunder when was off the mendocino county coast. big story is how much colder it is this morning. did your heater run a lot last night? temperatures that are 7 degrees cooler in san francisco to 15 in napa and fairfield along with livermore.
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when you step out right now, temperatures are running in the upper 30s around redwood city, half moon bay, los gatos and concord along with santa rosa, 36 in livermore, fairfield and napa. everybody else in the mid to low 40s. by the afternoon hours, clear start will be a little cloudier. partly sunny in the afternoon. temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s. as far as the forecast for the next seven days, we have stormy conditions tomorrow. this time tomorrow, it should be moving into the north bay. the storms will bring gusty winds, brief heavy rains and then we'll have chilly showers and probably an all day cold rain for sunday into monday. doesn't look like spring at all. good morning. have you new accident? >> we are following an injury crash in livermore involving three cars, westbound 580 right before the first street, left lane is blocked. this is going to slow down the
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altamont pass commute. speeds below 40 miles an hour until you reach the pleasanton area and drive times on 680. from 205 to 680 is about 25 minutes. also along the east bay freeway, headlights are moving westbound from carquinez bridge to the maze is 20 minutes and no delays at the bay bridge toll plaza. just ahead, a mystery of a mudslide, problem that has wiped out part of highway 1 and it could take weeks or months to fix. >> and tiger talks. what the golf star is talking what the golf star is talking about life in
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good morning, 6:14. on this st. patrick's day thursday. live picture of the embarcadero. you can see a dry morning for the bay area. just a short break before more rain that mike is tracking can come back in. we'll talk more about that in a couple of minutes. let's talk about this. pinole fire district has voted on closely go one of two fire stations to help balance the budget. the closure will save pinole roughly million dollars a year but it will increase firefighter response time. it also includes rodeo san pablo and el sobrante fire districts. >> and there may be a settlement with the 49ers.
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dispute, 49ers have been change about poor conditions at the stadium. the pending deal would allow for a rent reduction to pay for repairs and a lease that would allow the team to leave candlestick in 2014. >> 6:16. nights blue skies. stuff like that. will we see that today? >> yeah, especially early in the morning. there is no blanket effect from the clouds. we definitely have blue in the skies. increasing clouds in the afternoon but nothing like the stormy conditions we have for tomorrow. good morning. here is a live look from sutro down on the financial district, bay bridge, notice how clean the air is today. you can see for a long, long time as you step outside this morning from higher elevation. let's talk temperatures, with the clear, calm conditions, we have mid to upper 30s. santa rosa, napa, fairfield, concord, livermore, redwood city
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low to mid 40s for everybody else. monterey bay, low 40s. gilroy at 37. on you are highlights, scattered showers possible in the north bay but big news is stormy conditions for tomorrow. we'll be tracking pretty big storms and kick up high surf tomorrow. cold showers is chilly, possibly all day rain sunday. for today, temperatures fall short of average even with the urban sunshine, upper 50s to low 60s. we'll see clouds increase as the afternoon wears on and sun works on this moisture on the ground. down around the monterey bay, a little more sunshine, low to mid-60s inland neighborhoods. clouds come back, drizzle for tomorrow morning's commute and mid to upper 40s. one wave of energy pass to our north. that is going to possibly push a scattered shower in the north bay. then we'll focus all of our
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attention on the cold front as it is colder, stronger, wetter, windier, you name it is going to be quite interesting tomorrow. let's see how we get there. first at 1:00 this afternoon, you see the storm mainly up in mendocino county. then increasing drizzle for tomorrow's commute but the strongest storms up around here through the heart of the bay during the lunch hour. and south bay about 4:00 leaving for scattered showers not only friday night and all the way through saturday. some of these showers could have brief heavy rain and small hail. we could get thunder tomorrow also. rainfall totals, up to inch and a half in the north bay. two to three inches in the mountains. three-quarters of an inch around the bay to half an inch in the south bay. accu-weather seven-day forecast, biggest surf will be tomorrow from 11:00 tomorrow morning to 11:00 in the evening.
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temperatures in the low to mid-50s with the colder system through sunday. showers on monday and still showers in the forecast tuesday, wednesday and thursday. we are still following an injury multi-car crash through altamont pass, westbound 580 at first street, three cars involved and left lane is blocked. we have speeds below 40 miles an hour as you make your way out of pleasanton -- i'm sorry, out of tracy toward livermore and then past the scene, speeds at 20 miles an hour. drive time for the altamont pass westbound 580 to 680 over a half an hour and slowing westbound 4, traffic is heavy around the leverage area. eastbound 4 we have road work the railroad. 20 minute drive time. westbound 24 from 680 to the tunnel, only nine minutes. outside for a live look at the
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san mateo bridge. traffic is moving nicely here in both direction. these headlights move eastbound toward hayward and south bay commuters, no delays in the downtown san jose area. for the latest traffic updates, go to and click on the traffic link. >> caltrans crews will be back out early this morning near big sur where a mudslide has closed the road indefinitely. it took out a 30 foot chunk on a two-lane highway. northbound traffic is closed at bixby bridge. the cause of the slide is unclear. there are no signs of seeping water. highway patrol says the closure will last several days if not longer. nobody was injured. >> tiger woods is opening up in an exclusive interview with robin roberts about a new tiger.
6:21 am
his golf game hasn't been the same since the scandal erupted surrounding his infidelity that led to a divorce from his wife. he tells roberts things are much better now. >> i think i'm more present. i'm present with my kids. that is important because to be with them each and every time i'm with them, to fill that and be connected to them. >> you can see the entire robin roberts interview with tiger on "good morning america" which airs between 7:00 and 9:00 a.m.. coming up, the vote today that could take much of the public out of national public radio. >> and royal visitecws abdbneer
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today the house of representatives is set to vote on a bill that would completely strip all federal funding from npr. the bill would eliminate government support for the public radio network but still allow stations to use federal money for administrative purposes. funding for npr has been under increased scrutiny since a videotape showing a fund-raising executive calling the tea party activists racists. he also questioned whether npr needed the federal funds. >> the congressman expects the legislation will pass the gop controlled house easily. >> prince will jam in new zealand this morning. he called the damage at christ
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church unbelievable. emergency workers gave him a briefing on recovery efforts. he will also visit on australia. he is stepping up his public role ahead of his marriage to kate middleton on april 29. >> still ahead at 6:30. mourning a surfing star. massive waves that have taken another life at mavericks. >> i'm janelle wang in san francisco, potential jurors for barry bonds' upcoming perjury trial filled out a questionnaire have you been to a giants game? do you read espn magazine? other questions i'll tell you after the break. >> the airports across the country,3q odors... my busy family has them.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good morning. and lucky the leprechaun. >> lucky times. >> stocks are expected to rebound after recovering the worst losses in seven months. stock futures rose for the first time after unemployment benefits dropped last week. consumer prices are higher and we'll go live to the stock exchange in 15 minutes. >> detear yate go, some of words
6:31 am
they are using to describe the nuclear crisis in japan. for a time, military helicopters dumped loads of sea water to try to cool the overheated uranium fuel inside the fukushima daiichi power plant and prevent a meltdown. now japanese officials say they are day away from completing a new power line to possibly ease the situation. but they project low level radiation from the leak will be detectable in los angeles and other parts of california by tomorrow. the u.s. state department is now sending charter planes to japan to bring back american citizens that want to leave. they are advising americans to stay 50 miles away from the crippled power plant. >> reporter: rescuers in japan
6:32 am
continue to pull bodies from the rubble. makeshift morgues have been set up. with more than 4300 ted and 10,000 still missing, relief workers are overwhelmed. victims continue to wait patiently in line for hours for food, water and gas with information difficult to come by frustration is growing. >> this woman says she is concerned because radiation can't be seen. how do we know it's carried in the area. some feel that could become one of the world's nuclear disasters. >> already, units two and three have cracked. already unit four has a raging fire we think involving fuel that is not contained by any containment vessel. is so we are close to something that is bigger than chernobyl. >> concerns over the nuclear crisis have prompted residents to pack up. all flights are booked and people are opting to leave under
6:33 am
the uncertainty. some families making the difficult decision to send their children to the u.s. to stay with relatives. >> that decision became clearer for americans living in japan on thursday. president obama authorizing the start of charter flights for u.s. citizens eager to leave because of the nuclear threat. they say the radioactive plume coming from the nuclear reactors will hit the alutian islands today and be detectable in los angeles and parts of the bay area on friday. however, they stress the radiation level will be just too small to create any serious health concerns for residents. the environmental protection agency says they are moving dozens of radiation detectors to the west coast. there are 12 already in california, one each in san francisco, san jose, richmond
6:34 am
and sacramento. you can see the data from those monitors for yourself on the government's radnet website. >> potential jurors in the barry bonds' trial will be asked very personal questions. it's part of the questionnaires being filled out ahead of jury selection. behind the scenes, lawyers are arguing whether to see whether private audiotapes can be admitted as evidence. >> reporter: today, potential jurors will be coming here and filling out those forms right here. there are over 60 questions, some very basic questions but very specific he like have you ever been to a giants' game. do you read blogs or read magazines like espn or sports illustrated. jury consultants say that potential lawyers are going to be looking at the personal facebook pages and twitter accounts of these potential jurors, its strong possibility
6:35 am
of who they like and who they follow. it's all fair game. the preil begins on monday. he faces four counts of lying to the grand jury about alleged steroid abuse and one count of obstruction of justice. expect lawyers to ask certain questions. >> for example, they are asking what is your opinion of barry bonds? if somebody says that he is the greatest super hero of all time, then he is off the jury. if someone says i hate barry bonds, he ruined baseball, she off the jury. >> federal prosecutors have submitted 11 angry voice mail messages they say showing evidence of rage caused by steroid use. in others, he called kimberly derogatory comments.
6:36 am
his attorney will try to get those thrown out. once a jury is selected, the trial will begin in the next several weeks. jurors will be prohibited from checking the internet, watching tv and reading the internet or the newspaper. we have that entire questionnaire on our website at live in front of the federal courthouse, janelle wang. >> this morning, a community is mourning the death of a fame a us on big wave surfer who drowned at mavericks. the body of 35-year-old man of hawaii was pulled from the water around 7:00 last night. this youtube video shows him surfing the waves at mavericks yesterday. they were estimated at about 60 feet. he apparently drowned after he was held underwater by two big waves. he leaves behind a wife and two daughters. >> state lawmakers are expected a heated debate on the
6:37 am
governor's plan to put tax extensions on the june ballot. the assembly and senate passed a bill to cut more than $7 billion in state spending, including big cut to the welfare and work program and cuts to some health benefits for the poor. >> we're not happy about it. in fact, a lot of cuts sicken me. it is a $25 billion deficit. these are serious times. >> these are the democrats' cuts they are not our cuts. we would first at pension reform. >> the assembly fell one vote short to eliminate the state's 400 redevelopment agencies. this morning caltrans will give a glimpse of the progress at caldecott tunnel fourth bore project. there was a breakthrough on the western side of the tunnel. tunneling begin on the eastern side last august.
6:38 am
they are about third of the way through the length of the tunnel. project is estimated to be about 15% complete. $420 million fourth bore is expected to be up and running sometime in 2014. this is my favorite construction project in the world. >> of course. >> this morning, your drive should be rain free, speed it up a little bit. >> mike? >> not nearly as difficult as it has been, weather-wise, but tomorrow morning at this time, a completely different story. most of the showers are rotating from southwest to northeast. southern extent of this wave of energy, looks like sonoma county and parts of the north bay may get a stray shower. big story is just how much colder it is, the sky with clear and calm conditions. running 7 degrees cooler in san francisco to napa, fairfield and
6:39 am
livermore, 15 degrees cooler than this time yesterday. in fact most of us in upper 30s to low 40s. even total sunshine by 8:00. increase in clouds, partly cloudy by noon and temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. by the afternoon hours, clouds will increase but they will not drop any rain outside of the north bay. temperatures in the upper 50s to near 60 degrees and we'll call it a partly sunny skies. wet and windy tomorrow, brief heavy rain that could cause miner flooding on streets and then the cold hours showers and we say hello to spring on sunday and less of a chance on tuesday and wednesday. >> good news and bad news. following this injury crash right now in livermore, westbound 580 at first street. good news it's no longer blocking any lanes.
6:40 am
it's been moved over, cleared off the roadway but the bad news is this red, these are 20 or under 20 miles an hour as you make your way out of tracy through the altamont pass. let's take a look at that drive time to see where it's at. who minutes to make your way westbound to 680 and westbound 4 making your way out of antioch, we are seeing heavy traffic and eastbound 4, there is road work at railroad. let's -- also we have bart delays, 15-minute delay at 24th mission station in the east bay direction. east shore freeway, the headlights are moving eastbound. drive time from carquinez to the maze, 23 minutes and metering lights have been turned on on. bart just gave an update the delay is now 20 minutes in the
6:41 am
east bay direction. still ahead, northern california burger shop that apparently game baim a target for credit card thieves. >> and live report from the new york stock exchange. dow is up 124 points. >> and the proposed new fines for banks that could bring new hope for thousands of california homeowners facing foreclosure. >> and what tiger is3q
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coming up on 6:45. palm springs mid to upper 50s around los angeles. low to mid-50s in sacramento. notice the rain and mountain snows in the northern part of the our state. chico 57 and all of that is heading to the sierra where we have a winter storm warning starting at ago tomorrow morning we're going to get accumulating?" that could pile up to three feet above 7,000 feet. more money is coming to beef up job retraining programs for former nummi workers. supervisors have okayed an infusion of cash for additional training resources. it originates from the federal government and be added to $4 million already awarded to the private industry for retraining and job assistance the money comes almost exactly a year
6:46 am
after nummi run boy toyota and general motors went out of business. nearly 200 people have had their identities stolen after using their credit cards at a hamburger stand in vacaville. they say their numbers cr compromised. in victims have reported fraudulent charges but other customers may not be aware that their credit card information was stolen. investigators say the problem at the restaurant has been fixed and no workers are suspected. >> a california lawmaker has introduced legislation that would charge banks $20,000 for each foreclosure they would execute in the state. union members and housing advocates are backing that bill and two others. they marched in san francisco yesterday demanding banks give homeowners a fair shot at getting the loans modified and that they tell homeowners who owns their loan.
6:47 am
>> we don't expect the notion that people are losing their homes because there is nothing that can be done. there is more that can be done and the bangs have not been playing by the rules. it's time for us to make a change. >> the california bankers association opposes all three bills. new rules are delaying ago particular and ignore the economic factors involving some borrowers. business news, growing concerns about food coming in in japan. >> jane king joins us live from the new york stock exchange a look at the markets this morning restaurant business, dropping japanese fresh food like fish from their menus and a bunch of asian countries are screening imports from japan for radiation and investors, in how it's close to the nuclear plant
6:48 am
and investors are taking a look at the latest job reports showing a drop in weekly claims. so the trends are improving. investors like what they are seeing. take a look at the numbers. we're making up almost half of that in the dow what we lost yesterday. nasdaq and s&p 500 is trading up also. meantime, if you have plans to travel to japan but having second thoughts you might be off the hook. united continental trips to destinations without penalty. you might not be in ireland today or making it possible to sound as if you are. a free online trial of the irish brogue. check it out. send an irish greet go to a friend. >> jane king, thank you.
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>> jane o'king. see you later. >> mike o'nicco. >> thank you eric o'thomas. >> and today, relax and check in the sights of barack obama's white house. water that we are dealing with d.c. beautiful sight. remember the lines, if they can die the water green in chicago why can't they dye blue. >> thank you for the beautiful pictures. looking down from mount tam. clear skies and cold one at that. mid to upper 30s, santa rosa, napa, fairfield, concord, redwood city, los gatos, low to mid 40s, around the monterey bay low to mid 40s. same thing for salinas and 37 in
6:50 am
gilroy. highlights, scattered showers are possible in the north bay. rest of us enjoy the reprieve from the wet weather because it comes back tomorrow. stormy and windy, heavy rain, flooding possible, high surf also. we'll have cold showers on saturday and chilly rain on sunday. for today, upper 50s to low 60s with increasing clouds this afternoon. around the monterey bay and inland, low to mid-60s under a partially cloudy skies. look at the temperatures. much warmer than this morning. drizzle for your morning commute. here is the area of disturbed weather, a little chunk of weather a wave rolling through that could hit the north bay with a scattered shower. turn our attention to the cold front, that is the one that will be diving down into the bay area starting tomorrow and bringing us that nasty weather. here we are at 1:00 this afternoon. rain dancing around the north bay. that is going to be the case throughout the afternoon hours.
6:51 am
then overnight, see the clouds increase, drizzle develop. strongest storms still out of bay area but it moves in toward the end of the commute. right through the heart of the bay at lunch and exiting the south bay around 4:00 leaving us with scattered showers in the evening and overnight hours in the saturday morning. see the snow up around clearlake and while the rest of us is dealing with cold showers. rainfall amounts, two and a half inches in the north bay and three-quarters in the east bay and half an inch in the south bay. high surf advisory until 11:00 in the evening, swells will cause dangerous rip currents, up to 15 feet at times. notice the cold weather, still slated for tomorrow. low to mid-50s for the highs. looking even wetter now tuesday and wednesday than it did today. >> bart is recovering from the earlier delay. 15-minute delay in the eastbound
6:52 am
direction but trains should be back on schedule shortly. the place to avoid is westbound 580 through altamont pass. traffic is jammed due to an earlier crash at first street that had the left lane blocked. we have a 47 minute drive time to make your way from 205 to 680. heavy traffic westbound 4 making your way out of antioch towards concord and eastbound 4, there is road work at railroad. let's go outside for a live look at wall nut creek. southbound 680. taillights moving southbound right near the north main exit. we do have slowing southbound 680 near bollinger canyon. >> live look at san rafael. no delays along 101. drive time from 37 to 580 about ten minutes. for the latest traffic updates, go to and click on the traffic links. police throughout the bay
6:53 am
area are setting up sobriety checkpoints aimed at drivers that celebrate too far. aaa is offering free tows for drivers who had too much to drink. you can find more information on our website at >> tiger woods appears this morning in a rare exclusive interview with robin roberts, his golf game hasn't been the same since the scandal erupted that led to a divorce from his wife and mother of two children. but he says things are improving and he believes he will again on the tour soon. >> what do you say to those who doubt your ability to come back and to still challenge.
6:54 am
>> i've been down this road before. i know what i'm working on. i believe i'm working on. >> you can see the entire interview with tiger woods just minutes from now. >> top stories, japanese officials say they are still a day away from completing a new power line that could restore cooling systems and ease crisis in the reactors. for a time helicopters dumped loads of sea water to try to cool the you a rain yum fuel inside the fukushima daiichi plant. u.s. scientists project low level radiation from the reek will be detectable in los angeles by tomorrow. >> top local story, potential jurors in the barry bonds' trial will fill out questionnaires.
6:55 am
>> janelle wang is live outside the federal crowd with the latest. >> reporter: yes, the trial starts on monday. but today, potential jurors will be arriving here at the federal courthouse and filling out this form, over 60 questions, some very basic, but some very specific, to what they know about balco, asking if they have read any cases about potential steroid abuse. the former giants slugger faces charges of lying to a grand jury and one count of obstruction of justice. it could be hard for -- for attorneys to find potential jurors because there is a lot of giant fans in the city. they say the prosecution and defense will also probably look at the facebook and twitter pages of potential jurors to see what they follow. this is all public domain and
6:56 am
easily accessible. once the trial starts, jurors will be banned from reading the internet, looking at their social networking pages. they will be prohibited from watching tv, talking to people about the trial and reading the newspaper. so a lot of questions for the jurors. we have the entire questionnaire on our website at a dry morning. what sells in store. final check on weather and traffic. >> big story, it's dry for your commute. its lot colder than yesterday. look at all the mid to upper 30s and until you get around the east bay shore, south bay and san francisco along san rafael, low to mid 40s. increasing clouds but dry stray shower possible in the north bay. so even with the sunshine and dry weather, temperatures fall short of our averages. for tonight, look for increasing
6:57 am
clouds, not nearly as cold this morning. drizzle possible for the morning commute and then the stormy weather moves in tomorrow. in the north bay, towards the end of the commute, down into the south bay in the afternoon hours. at the bay bridge toll plaza metering lights are back on. back-up to the west grand overcrossing, 15 minute wait time. slow spots this morning, westbound 580 through the altamont pass, 37 minutes to make your way from 205 on 680. also, westbound highway 4 from loan tree way, 25 minute drive time. we do have road work eastbound 4 with a you'll find a couple lanes blocked near railroad. >> thank you for joining us. >> we'll be back with a local update at 7:24. join us for midday news at 11:00. >> golf fans, don't forget abo
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ever seen anything like it? me neither. it's beneful incredibites. it's just the way you like it-- with carbohydrates for energy and protein for muscles. [ woman announcing ] beneful incredibites. another healthful, flavorful beneful. now in a convenient bag. i want you tonight! [ female announcer ] wish granted. lean cuisine has a fresh new bag. lean cuisine market creations steam meals. like new chicken poblano with tender white meat chicken, crisp veggies, in a savory cheddar sauce.


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